Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

XHTML2 Working Draft, 22 July 2004

Can be found here. Some notables follow. (No, I don't believe XHTML2 is the next cool thing.)

UAs may not add quotation marks by default for quote:

>Visual user agents must not by default add delimiting quotation marks (as was the case for the q element in earlier versions of XHTML). It is the responsibility of the document author to add any required quotation marks, either directly in the text, or via a stylesheet.</quote>

hN is in. Why? section and h elements make much more sense.

User agents are required to find anchors created by empty elements. This means that <a href="..."></a> must be focusable or something.

There's a new di element that lets you group dt/dd elements in a dl. (Maybe I missed this from a previous working draft?)

There's a label element that is used as a label for a list. That's <ul><label>List Label</label>...</ul>

There was some stupidity introduced whereby various attributes including hreftype and hreflang became comma separated lists, making them unselectable by the current CSS selectors. Way to go!

I don't know if this is new, but there's a whole crazy metadata module that lets you assign metadata to elements themselves.


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