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Tomorrow is Not

At 12pm Pacific Time, "tomorrow" in Bangkok is not "tomorrow" in Seattle. Its the day after tomorrow.

Failure to remember this will result in you scratching your head at the Arrivals board and wondering why the only flight in from Taipei is arriving 45 minutes later than you expect and for a different airline. Fortunately the counter people are friendly enough to clue you in.

Also today:

Genesis Crashed

Miniature ETs crash-landed in Utah!

Correction: Genesis space probe crashed into the Utah Desert, its parachute failed to deploy. No ETs have landed, repeat, no ETs.

I have an interview with Real on Monday, and maybe one with The Robot Co-op as well. I find it a strange coincidence that jobs I'd like to take both pop up right when I start looking for a job.

Lots of good-looking girls shop at TJs around 6pm. It is unknown if the quality of the eye candy down/up at other times of the day.

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