Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Abraham Lives

Last week I bothered to look around and find an HP-UX manual to try
to figure out why I could never get Abraham to boot. The manual
had a description of what all the lights on the front meant, and
it turns out I had a bad SIMM. After removing it I booted up HP-UX

Not having any passwords to the machine, a few searches on Google
showed me how to boot the thing in single-user mode, and shortly
afterward the machine is mine.

I got Abraham from Kenworth when they were phasing out all their
HP-UX machines. I'd think that a department that had as many UNIX
machines as they seem to have owned would have a nice, clean way
of administering all the machines with fancy scripts to rsh or
whatnot everything around. Turns out they don't.

root's home dir was filled with all kinds of crap. So are /tmp and
/usr/tmp (HP-UX yells at you every time you bot up if you have crap
in their). A typescript was left around where the user obviously
got confused, and the only thing was a dump of script(1). /etc is
filled with backups of files with various extensions. I think I
deleted 10 copies of passwd

I have yet to figure out why the VUE window manager won't start.
I've fixed up named with my own DNS entries (not yet attached to a
network), but it still seems to be failing name lookups. Google
has some hints on this as well.

Abraham is an HP 9000 735/125. I've got 160MB of RAM in the thing,
and 4G of disk. In its past life it ran PRO/E and SoftWindows.
(It seems that PRO/E runs natively on HPPA, so I'm not sure what
SoftWindows is for.) Once I figure out what was on the machine
I'll install OpenBSD or NetBSD on it. (Last I checked, Open's HPPA
support was better than Net's.)

All the HP 9000 boxes were named after biblical characters, but for
whatever reason they chose some other machine to place all the user
shares. Come on! Abraham is the patriarch! Sadly, I've found no
machine named Jesus.

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