Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel


Yesterday I gave platelets, which involves sitting in a chair and feeling your body slowly go all tingly while they pump your blood out then back into you.

The TV clicker was mostly broken, so I only managed about one channel change every five seconds. Surfing was out.

I did watch a dramatization of the Hitler assassination attempt, then a piece on the atomic bomb, including a (at least) 15' x 20' x 20' pile of high explosive used to calibrate the first bomb test. All these army guys were sitting there next to it for the photo shoot, assuredly safe, but somehow seemingly not.

Before that, our former Governor elect Mr. Rossi called for a re-vote, not being satisfied with the hand-recount as specified by the law... If we have another election, he'd damn well better be paying for the thing himself.

After they gave me my blood back, I got served juice by an unfailingly polite Japanese student. She couldn't bring be anything, or ask me if I wanted anything, without bowing at least three times to me before stepping away. Actually, painfully polite would be a better way of describing it.

Probably a perfect job for Japanese students, just enough public interaction for any language difficulties to not be a problem and quiet study time all rolled into one.
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