Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Weekend Purchases

Saturday Cheryl and I braved possible snow and left for IKEA and Best Buy to cash in our christmas gift cards. (Don't worry zenspider, we didn't spend all of it, and we'll have to go back for more stuff, anyhow.) We ended up with two bookcases and a set of shelves from IKEA, a new turtle tank from PetSmart, Crimson Skies, a 12 month Xbox Live subscription, a painfully uncomfortable Xbox headset and an answering machine/cordless phone from Best Buy, and a suction cup thermometer and 25' garden hose from Lowe's.

Weekend Purchases - Turtle Tank This turtle tank came with a note saying "Do not fill with water". The stand and light came with the previous tank.

Weekend Purchases - Shelves I rounded off one of the screws on the cross braces and had to finish it off with my pliers. It now holds all the TV-related electronics (except for the VHS player, which will probably go under the Xbox and PS2), which used to be on a decaying roll-around fiberboard shelf-thingy.

Weekend Purchases - Book Cases I rounded off one of the screws putting these guys together, which marred the veneer. Fortunately, it can't be seen. They just fit in the corner area here.

I still need to get new shoes and new pillows for myself, and some more bookcases for the bedroom, and maybe another shelf unit for the under-stairs storage area.


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