Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Yay backups!

I set up Amanda on our boxes at The Robot Coop last night, and got a big, fat 3041.9 MB 'tape' out of it (since we don't have an actual tape drive, I'm using virtual tapes + rsync). rsyncing those 3GB over our pokey 128kb link is going to take around 82000 seconds, or just under 23 hours.

Most of the tape is filled with a 2 GB compressed dump from the primary development box, which I went through and cleaned out bringing the filesystem down from about 6 GB to 3 GB. Hopefully today's dump won't be quite as big, since chewing up all our bandwidth to have remote backups is not cool.

I'll need to get the upstream link bumped to 384kb, at least.

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