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Eric Hodel

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Its so nice to be clean

I've washed almost all the dishes (I'm waiting for those in the drainer to dry), done my laundry, and will probably vacuum soon. I also tried to fix the doorbell, as it made an ugly clunking sound. Whoever last messed with the doorbell cross-threaded the bolts when the put the bar back on, so as I was tightening it, I snapped one of the bolts off. Fortunately the other is tight enough to hold the bar in place. It sounds a little better, but I should probably find some new bolts for it.

I'm enjoying my spring break, I've started a game of Alpha Centauri (SMAC) by email, it'll be cool to see how it turn out, kind of like chess by email. (If anybody else wants to play SMAC by email, tell me. I'm a pretty good player (can beat the game on Thinker, and if I start right, can not die when playing on Transcend), but humans are an entirely different challenge.


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