Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Hacking Day

Pants, originally uploaded by drbrain.

Today was Hacking Day with zenspider, but not much hacking was done. We ate at the Kimchi Bistro then walked past the Bobby Morris Playfield where we found the pants. We stopped at The Co-op, but did nothing (of importance), then headed home.

On the way there I pushed a drunken man up the hill from 19th to 18th on Madison while telling his drunken friend how many pull-ups I could do.

Then I spoke with a schizophrenic woman half a block from my front door about plasma. At first, I thought she was talking about the stuff in sci-fi weapons, because she asked me if I knew the truth about plasma like in Terminator or Predator. Then she went on to say that something was wrong with her hypothalamus (which I agreed with, but didn't mention).

After telling me to go, (I guess I wasn't helpful enough?) she told me that the bad people (I forget who exactly) didn't like plasma, because they burned down the plasma center in Everett next to the library, which confused me for a second until I realized she was the confused one.

The she told me how she hates the words 'clone' and 'clown' (I think it was clown) so I told her I wouldn't say either of those words and finally headed home.


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