Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Just like home!

As I was traveling to Fry's last night, there was a police car with its lights on parket at Park and N 8th, a second by the Kenworth plant entrance on 8th and a 3rd at Houser Way. I found that incredibly odd, but then pulled into the parking lot and there was a 4th police car with the officer interviewing a lady who had been crying, making it even more puzzling.

I went to the aisle that has null-modem (and other) cables in a big mess, then heard over by the TVs "get down!" Turns out some robbers had crashed a stolen pickup then ran into the Fry's, and were looking around for rides. Two managed to get away, one in the woman's Celica, the second in a Ford Explorer.

As seen in the King County Journal and:

Woman with baby carjacked in Renton: Assailant allowed mom to take child

by Jamie Swift
Journal Reporter

RENTON -- A 20-year-old woman with a 3-month-old baby was carjacked Thursday night in the Fry's Electronics parking lot by a man trying to elude police.

He told her to get out. She asked if she could take her baby, and the man let her.

The man, who remains at large, is one of four suspects who were pulled over in a stolen truck about 8 p.m. Thursday before the truck sped away.

At least one of the men had been involved in an armed robbery in Seattle earlier in the day, said Penny Bartley, Renton police spokeswoman.

Two of the four suspects are being held in the Renton jail for investigation of possession of stolen property. The men in custody are 27 and 25.

Not long after the stolen truck sped away from the police officer, the driver crashed the truck into a concrete barrier, causing the truck to burst into flames, Bartley said.

All four men ran from the scene.

People at Fry's Electronics began calling police not long after, reporting that suspicious men were approaching customers inside and outside the store, asking for rides, saying they had to get out of the area, Bartley said.

One of the men ordered the 20-year-old Lynnwood woman out of the 1990 Toyota Celica she purchased earlier in the day.

Police believe another man stole a white 1996 Ford Explorer (license plate number 130-SZK) from the parking lot.

The man who stole the Celica wrecked the car about 9:20 p.m. in a Renton neighborhood, then knocked on doors and asked residents to give him a ride.

The man who stole the Celica and the man who stole the Explorer are still at large, Bartley said.

Jamie Swift can be reached at or 253-872-6646.

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