Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Phones suck

I went over to her place to give her some memory I no longer needed. While I was making sure everything was working she got a phone call.

Just a bit into the call she asked me if I was ok, I was confused, why wouldn’t I be ok? I answer yes, several times. She resumed talking on the phone, I finished what I needed to do, then I waited, but the phone call went on.

After waiting a little longer, I pulled out my computer to work on some stuff. A while after I realize she was talking to the person she is semi-interested in (clearing up the mystery of why I wouldn’t be ok), so I decide I should leave. I’m leaving partly because I’m annoyed that she’s talking to him, partly because she’s talking so long, and partly because I want to be polite.

So I dumped the rest of my brain into my machine, put it in the bag, put on my jacket and sit down to tie my shoes, none of it hurried. She asks again if I’m ok and if I’m leaving and I answer yes to both.

She ends her call and as I’m heading to the door I tell her that if she’s going to have a long phone conversation when I’m over it’d be nice to know so that I can leave.

Of course, I’m upset about both things—talking to another guy, letting me just sit there—but I’m unsure how much the irrational one is bleeding into the rational one. (I imagine this goal will be complete when the irrational thoughts don’t occur.)

While I try not to care much about her conversation, I just don’t need to be overhearing it in the first place. I also don’t want my presence to be interfering with anything like that, especially when it is obvious that it is.

Finally, I’m reading too much into why she asked the first “are you ok?” question. It leads down a path that I’ve chosen not to follow.


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